Research Paper on E-commerce wins best paper award

Best Paper Award for the Journal of African Business, awarded in 2010. Most downloaded paper in the Journal of African Business for 2008-2009.

PearlRichards congratulates its collaborators - Dr. Richard Boateng, Mr. Robert Hinson, Prof. Richard Heeks and Prof. Alemayehu Molla

Abstract: We undertook a review and classification of research on electronic commerce (e-commerce) in developing countries. We analyzed 181 articles published in a broad range of journals covering e-commerce, global information technology, and development issues. The analysis provides a roadmap that not only indicates the current state of e-commerce for development research but also identifies gaps and priorities for future research. This will be of significant value to both academics and practitioners who are working on, or plan to work on, e-commerce in developing countries. Download Citation

Boateng, R., Hinson, R., Heeks, R. and Molla A. (2008). Ecommerce in LDCs: Summary Evidence and Implications. Journal of African Business, 9(2) 257-285.